Aquaman full HD download and movie review


This is a movie review but don’t worry there is a download button by which you can download it in HD quality and this is my review on the movie so take it or throw. If you face any problem to download this movie comment below, i will give you another link to download it.

aquaman movie review and full HD download


This review is based on my own experience during movie. So, don’t take it seriously. If this review hurts you any way please forgive me. TANK YOU FOR THE VISIT


The movie is average according to me and its not great and not stand on my expectation because the story line was little bit common but the character is freaking awesome. The main character is Aurther and the character is really good also Jason Momoa played his role really professionally. All character is really awesome but the villain was not that powerful.


The costumes are not as per expectation. The supporting villain’s costumes is look like it is inspired by the power rangers and this made me disappointed, also Aurther get the traidern (ultimate weapon) very easily the fight is not that badass.


The end of the movie is also common. All in All the whole movie can is nice for all and there is little bit of everything. So, DC fans should watch this movie. Personally I will recommend this movie if you love DC and if you like action movies.

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