Upcoming games of 2019

We all love games because sometime it help you to make new friends and sometime it become cure to your loneliness and that is why we all love it. I will show you the best 5 upcoming games of 2019 with some information.

Its is a survivor horror classic, there is two main characters Leo Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they fight against zombies to protect their lives in the virus infected Raccoon City.

Resident Evil is really popular movie series with really horrifying effects and story line. This game will release on 18,Jan 2019, this is the remake version of the game Resident Evil 2 which popularly known in Japan as Biohazard 2 released on 28,Jan 1998. This game is remake by capcon gaming industry because of fans demand for it, You can see new pubg mobile zombie trailer with Resident Evil 2 in order to promote the remake of Resident Evil 2.

First version of Resident Evil 2


Its a multiplayer game fight against the other real time player on sky, as usual you have to choose your jet and weapons and upgrade it, it is the good news for the air gaming lover and Those who have a PlayStation VR headset will get the added bonus mission of PS on VR and ,it will make you fell like you are actually in the plane. Bandai Namco is launching this flight game on 18,Jan 2019, you can expect high because Bandai Namco always stand on the hopes of their fans. It is said that this game have really great graphics and with easy controls.

Jump force

It will be the most epic upcoming anime game with really nasty graphics. It is another Bandai Namco’s game with all the most popular anime character like Naruto,Goku,Luffy and many others. It is a fighting game with multiplayer mode and a feature to create your own avatar with Akira Toriyama’s new four character in the game. It will release on 28,Jan 2018.(For more about this game click here)


Anthem is the dream come true for sci-fi lovers, it will be the most exciting game with epic graphics. In this game you play as freelancer against the aliens (not very intelligent but really strong). This game have co-op mode, so you can play with your there friends(group of four lancers). There is four different high tech suits for four players(you can also play single) and get missions.The developer is BioWare and will released on 22,Feb 2019.

metro exodus

Metro Exodus is the single player shooting horror game, engage in the FPP mode. You will a soldier in this game who have a high command who give you missions and to complete the mission have to fight against the mutated creatures and hostile humans. The player must cope against the new hazard. The game contains dynamic weather system which will change day by dynamic environment that will change along with the system or the progress of the mission. The developer is 4A games, will release on 15,Feb 2019.

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