1. This world is full of competition where everyone is competing to become stronger,famous and successful, everyone thinks
    the same as you that they can be successful in there career but the truth is always different,thinking is the possibility
    to achieve something but you have to be practical in your life, you have to think that you are not the only person who have
    the dream to become successful,you have to think different, everyone have the potential to achieve their dreams but there
    is some people who have the guts to achieve the dream, you can be one of them.
    No one knows you better about you except you,yes you,you can do anything just believe in yourself,believe in your dreams
    and most important never forget who you are,there is the people around you who will try to discourage you,they will try
    to pull you back but never forget the dream to become something, to become a great human and a great inspiration to your
    There are some people who is different from everyone, there thinking and their self confidence, as an example ‘Steve Jobs’
    he is responsible for a number of inventions that have shaped the world, he was not rich and he was adopted by ‘Paul Rinhold Jobs’
    and ‘Clare Jobs’ and if you think that he was highly qualified then you are wrong the truth is he dropped his collage(Reed collage)
    after one semester and his highest qualification was high school level and he was one the richest man, so never think that
    you are a looser who have nothing special, always think good and positive also negative because positive thinking always
    make you push further above your ability and don’t think negative just observe what can be negative and try to solve it
    never think that you can’t do anything because there is always two ways whether to do something that can solve your problem
    or just sit and think about your problem.
    In sports men life there is always a moment where he/she thinks that’s it ,this is the end, they think this because of their
    haters or because they are defeat or because of the bad performance in the matches,but they stand again with a positive
    attitude to do more practice and to defeat the negative feelings and most important thing is that no one good or
    perfect from the birth they sacrifice their lives to become perfect,the perfection become the evidence of sweat and
    heard work, and this is how they become successful, and there is peoples who easily criticize their performance in
    And last you don’t need anyone to become a successful men/women you have to believe in yourself and in your dreams
    just do whatever you want, you just have to wake up your inner beast.
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