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OPM season 2

J.C.Staff finally aired the OPM season 2 Episode and if you haven’t watch it yet just click on the below button to download and in this blog i will not give you any spoilers, so you can read it without any hesitation. If you face any difficulty to download the episode let me know in the comment and i will help you and don’t worry the the site is safe and secure.

OPM season 2 About Episode 0 and 1

The animation of OPM season 2 is quite similar to OPM season 1, and if you download it in 1080p the fighting looks really impressive and clear. You can download it by Click on the Download button or you can watch it on Youtube,  The episode release on every Wednesday at 5:00 AM available on Youtube, any anime website or on my blog so stay tune on this blog or on Youtube. As I told you there is no spoilers related to the episode and hope you will Visit Again and don’t forget to subscribe this blog.


The episode 2nd is lot better than the 1st and there is lot of fighting and also really funny conversations, if you are One Punch Man fan than you will like it , i will not give you the spoilers you just have to watch it and i am sure you will like it. Personally I watched it almost 8 times and I just love it.


I know it took me long to upload the episode 3 link because i want to make sure that the link should be safe. Know about the episode, this episode is good but not that great, there is fights but not that great and also first time Garo will meet Saitama(sorry i don’t to spoil just go and watch it) but the fight is around 30 sec(we all the power of Saitama) although the scene is quite funny.


In Episode 4 there is no fight of Saitama but surely on episode 5 or 6 there will be a martial art tournament and fight of Saitama. Now about this episode, not that much excited but you will see the cool side of Saitama and a fight between a demon level threat and a S class hero(you have to watch the episode to find who is he, sorry but no spoilers) and maybe you will like it.


This episode is great but not awesome and this episode can give you hope for the upcoming episode, because the martial art tournament is just started and the new monster association creating a hype among the fan, episode 5 is not that awesome but you can say it is the start of best part of OPM season 2. So stay active and watch all the upcoming episode of OPM season 2.


Know this episode is something at last in this episode we can watch Genos in action although it is not that satisfying. There is few funny movements and you will see the you will like this episode. Waiting for next episode and it will be great so don’t miss it at any cost because the real show is coming up.


Finally a worth to watch OPM episode. We all know Saitama is powerful and don’t know his limits, in this episode there is lots of fights and there many S class hero will fight and lots of comedy. Don’t forget to watch the episode because in next episode Saitama will fight the threats, other S class hero will show up and we can see their powers. What are you waiting for just download it know. 


This episode is good but can be great although give you excitement for  the upcoming episode because its now Saitama who will fight against the monsters association. The whole episode can be epic if “There is more fight and if there is entry of S class hero and at last they all will going to die but Saitama arrives and saved them”, this may work for OPM fans. 


As we expected this is an epic episode and the most heroic episode of OPM season 2. If you haven’t watched it yet then stop reading this and just watch it, this episode give you hype and excitement. As we all know Saitama was fight against the Monsters but from this episode everything hopefully change and will see more fights of Saitama.


This episode is basically a base line for the upcoming story of OPM season 2, in this episode you will learn  what Monster Association want from the Hero Association and surely you will enjoy this episode with some little humor in it and of-course in upcoming episode there is fight between Garo v/s several other heroes(sorry no spoilers).


Finally a episode full of fight and you will love this episode and surely watch it again. This episode is full of fight and struggle between Saitama and King although its one sided(King is suppressing Saitama). A quick spoiler is there is fight between Genos and Garo. Just watch it ,Genos is looking badass in this episode.


Episode 12 is also full of fight and will learn about Garo past. Actually this episode is the best of all other OPM season 2 episodes and a great fight between the three Bang, Bomb, Genos v/s Centichoro. You will hyped and filled with excitement when you will see the ending of this episode. There is a character whose name is Blast the No.1 hero of Hero association although his identity is unknown and according to OPM manga only Terrible Tornado the No.2 hero know his name. What you guys think is he stronger then Saitama or a nusense like King. 

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