RESIDENT EVIL 2 (remake)

One of the greatest video game company or developers in the world is Capcom. The headquarter is in Chuo Ku,Osaka,Japan. Founded on 30,May 1979 and the best video game series is Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is the best zombie series and the good news is that a new version of Resident Evil 2 will launch on 18,Jan 2019, it is the remake of previous resident evil 2 of 1998 in Japan. The last game of Resident Evil series was released on 2017 which was the great success.

This is the poster of Resident Evil 2 of 1998 and the best part is ,this game was released for the Playstation not any other platform of gaming and soon because of the popularity of the game it got released for other platforms.

Many of us have question why Capcom R&D Division 1 is remaking the game Resident Evil 2 and the answer is, because of the the request from RE fans from all over the world. In facebook an employee upload a post seeking the feedback form the RE fans on official Resident Evil facebook page and a great response from fans triggered the developers to remake it.

These were the post from Capcom R&D Division 1 regard the remake of Resident Evil 2.


So, with all this information we can say that it will be one of the best RE series, The plot of the game this remake might be different. Many of the RE fans are waiting specially in Japan, because it is the Japanese game and was first released in Japan. The game will released for windows,Xbox One and PS4  worldwide on 25,Jan 2019. 

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