The Nun movie download in HD and movie review

Nun movie download in HD and movie review


This is a movie review. Don’t worry you can download it just click the download button below. The link is safe and secured. If you got any problem with this download link just comment below.


This review is based on my own experience during the movie so don’t take it seriously. If this review hurts you in any manner please forgive me. THANK YOU FOR THE VISIT


The movie is good but not great. It is a horror movie but the movie has not that great horrifying scenes. This movie is good for the people who are not use to the horror movies. I love horror movie and i really miss the element of surprise which make a horror movie awesomely horror.


The story line is great but the horror scenes in the movie is not that great. I think this movie can be better if the element of surprise get increased and also there should more intense horror scenes. I recommend this movie to all the people who love horror movie and the people who are beginner horror movie watchers. 


The ending is happy and sad, happy because the fight against the Nun won by them and sad because the supporting actor was possessed by Velak(Nun).  

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