Top 5 less popular anime series


This is the anime list from top 5 to 1, all these anime series are really great to watch and has less than 30 episodes, so you can finish these series with in a day and please comment below what is your favorite anime genre so that when i will upload the next list of anime i will choose anime in your favor and the last thing is all the anime series that i listed below is according to my own experience and there is no spoilers son you can read every thing. HAVE A GREAT DAY AND VISIT AGAIN, LETS BEGIN


UQ holder anime

UQ holder is really great anime with only 12 episodes and the animation is normal. If you love to watch magic anime series then this can be great for you and don’t expect too much from this anime because its only the first season, so its just the start and upcoming season of this anime will be great, don’t worry this anime is not boring at all and I am sure you will enjoy this anime. You can watch it on the episodes are available) or CLICK THE BUTTON BELLOW TO DOWNLOAD or WATCH.


akame ga kill action anime

This anime is with a great animation and has only 24 episodes.I consider this anime for only adults because there is lots of blood and really disturbing scenes, If you love to watch Fantasy, Adventure and Action then this anime is only for you but its not boring at all there is lots of emotional scenes and with some humor this anime is a complete pack for you. I will not give you guiz any kind of spoilers so go and watch it now, CLICK BELOW BUTTON TO WATCH or DOWNLOAD IT NOW   

No.3: DAYS (TV)

Days TV poster

This is a sports (Football) anime with really awesome story with normal animation. If you love to play or watch soccer games then this anime is only for you, it is motivational for any sport person and there no fantasy only pure soccer game and I am sure you will like it because i love soccer too much and there is only 24 episodes and 25 is not aired yet. You can watch this anime on or CLICK BELOW TO WATCH or TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW.


This is a sci-fi anime series with really  great animation. You will like the anime series if you like sci-fi genre and if you like robots. There only 24 episodes and the anime is not boring but in some part there is so much dialogues. There is fight between the monsters and the robots which the called fraxx that’s all I can tell, I don’t want to spoil this series. CLICK TO WATCH or DOWNLOAD IT NOW. 


This anime is for supernatural genre lover, the animation is on normal level and has only 12 episodes. The story line of this anime is really awesome and you will love it. The anime is available in Hindi, English and Japanese and the other name of this anime is Boku dake ga Inai Machi. I won’t spoil this anime all I can say this the anime is related to time traveling. CLICK THE BUTTON TO WATCH or DOWNLOAD IT NOW  

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